When shipping samples to us, please follow these two simple guidelines:

1. Label your samples. When labeling your samples, make sure the label is permanent and easy to read. We encourage our clients to fill out and submit our order form, but this is not a requirement.

2. Protect your samples. We recommend fully immersing your samples in 70% ethanol. Mouse tails are stable for over a week at room temperature when immersed in ethanol. Don't forget to cap your tubes tightly or the ethanol will leak and erase your labels.

The most affordable way to ship your order is using a USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope, which delivers your samples in 2 days. For faster service use USPS Express Mail, FedEx, or UPS, which can deliver your order overnight.

Beyong these guidelines, feel free to submit your samples in any format that is most convenient for you. Click on the links to the right for the most common methods used by our clients to submit their orders.


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Ship all packages to: Mouse Genotypes s 10320 Lilac Ridge Road Escondido, CA 92026


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