We charge $5.50 per sample, regardless of order size. Assay setup and validation are free.

For $5.50 you get: 1. DNA extraction of your samples, 2. PCR amplification detecting 1 or more alleles (in one PCR reaction), 3. Data analysis (determination of your genotypes), and 4. Genotyping report, including raw data (i.e. agarose gel of PCR reactions).

How many samples do I need to send to get your $5.50 price? One sample

What about double and triple mutants? As long as we can multiplex all necessary PCR assays in a single PCR reaction, double and triple mutants can be genotyped for $5.50 per sample. If more than 1 PCR reactions needs to be run, an additional charge of $2.00 will be assessed per sample.

What kind of payment do you accept? We accept Purchase Orders (POs), all major credit cards, bank/debit cards, checks, Dwolla and direct bank transfers.

How does your pricing compared to other companies? At $5.50, our price is the lowest commercially available. The table below depicts the amount of money saved when paying $5.50 per sample compared to other prices:

Number of samples
Total Savings (compared to $5.50/sample)




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