"I am very happy with the fast and reliable service... It is saving our lab a lot of time."

Welcome to Mouse Genotype, the most affordable, and highest quality, mouse genotyping service available.

Send us your tails and we will send you both the genotypes and associated agarose gel images. All for $5.50 per sample.

Have multiple strains to genotype? No problem. Receive our low price no matter how many PCR assays need to be run.

Have mice with multiple modifications? We run multiplex PCR reactions at no additional charge.

Have a PCR assay that is not working as it should? We will work with you to troubleshoot your assay and validate it.

Stop spending time extracting DNA, running PCR reactions, and analyzing agarose gel images. Outsource your mouse genotyping and receive your results in 24 to 72 hours.

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You can keep mice on a table without a cage because mice are afraid to jump off vertical drops

- Per Ulf Flodby,

"Mouse Genotype is a very swift, highly reliable and fair-priced genotyping service company"

- Ramesh Palaniswamy,

"We really appreciate your turnaround time"

- Michelle Ehrlich,

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