How can I get started/create an account? Send us an email with the following information: 1. Your PCR assays (primer sequences and expected band sizes or Jackson Laboratory mouse stock number), 2. Your contact information, and 3. The contact information of the person in charge of processing invoices.

What do I get for $5.50 per sample? You get: 1. DNA extraction, 2. PCR amplification to detect as many alleles/loci as we can multiplex, 3. Data analysis, and 4. A genotyping report delivered by email.

How many samples do I need to send to get your $5.50 per genotype price?-One sample.

When will I get my results? Results are delivered within 3 days from the day we receive your samples.

What about double and triple mutant mice? As long as we can multiplex your PCR assays into a single PCR reaction, you only pay $5.50 per sample. Additional PCR reactions cost $2.00 per sample.

What kind of mouse tissue samples do you accept? We recommend tail clippings, but we can process other tissues, including ears, toes, and embryo samples.

If supplying tail samples, what are the requirements? Uniformity. We recommend sending us samples that are evenly matched in size. A 3 millimeter tail clipping is ideal (less than 2 mm is too small).

What is the best way to store my samples prior to and during shipment? Tail samples immersed in 70% ethanol remain viable at room temperature (RT) for at least 1 week and can be shipped at RT.

How should I ship my samples? Feel free to ship your samples using any 2-day delivery (like USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope), or overnight (like USPS Express Mail, FedEx, or UPS), service.

Can I send samples in tubes, strips, or plates? We accept samples in any format.

Do you develop genotyping assays? Yes, we develop genotyping assays. Contact us.




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