"We are quite happy with your services. We receive the data very fast, which is good, and for my screens I did not get any false positives." - Marie Le Borgne, Washington University St. Louis

"Great genotyping work. The performance is excellent and the results are generated very quickly. The reports are easily understood and DNA gel bands are very clear and beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful and excellent services." ------------------- Lunyin Yu, Massachusetts General Hospital

"Thank you for an excellent job. Very quick results." - Liangru Contois, Maine Medical Center Research Institute

"Great job. The results were received very fast and all questions were answered amazingly on time."-- ---------------------------------- - Haiyang Yu, Washington University St. Louis

"Mouse Genotype offers a great combination of quality of service and cost effectiveness." - Nghi Phan, McMaster University

"The results are great! Thank you very much." - Norma Romero, Columbia Univeristy

"We really appreciate your turnaround time." - Michelle Ehrlich, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

"The results look very clean, and the turn around was very fast!" - Michael Hughes, University of British Columbia

"Thank you for your sense of responsibility and your swift return of results. We are very impressed by the accuracy of your work."-- Ruth Jutterman-Bernard, Massachusetts General Hospital, a Teaching Hospital of Harvard Medical School

"Thanks for the fast turn around, The results look great!" - Loren Khan, Mount Sinai School of Medicine





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