"I like your service. It's fast, accurate, customer friendly, and the pricing is very good. Customer service is always available to solve genotyping or billing issues." - Wai Ling Lee - Baylor College of Medicine

"Thank you for providing such an excellent genotyping service. I never found a second company who can compete with your service in terms of convenience, low price, and fast and reliable results. I recommend your company to anyone who wants to outsource their genotyping."-- Hongyu Zhang - Temple University School of Medicine

"I'm very satisfied with your service." - Kyu Beom Oh - Arizona State University

"Your services have been a tremendous help to my research, and your trouble shooting on several occasions has given me time to complete other projects in the lab. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is contemplating using them. If any researcher has specific questions, they can directly contact me."-- Sohail Jahid - Cornell Universtiy

"Your genotyping services couldn’t get any better. You guys do an excellent job, always on time and with reliable results. I am specially thankful for your offer to optimize one of my assays at no extra cost. No other company offered me that deal." --- ----- --- - Miguel Tam - University of California, San Diego

"Great genotyping service with fast, and reliable, results at an affordable price. I always appreciate the immediate responses I get for any questions/concerns. I save lot of time thanks to Mouse Genotype." -------------------------------------------------------- - Ramachandran Balasubramanian - National Institute of Health

"I am very happy with the quick, reliable and affordable services you provide. I really appreciate your assistance in optimizing our PCR conditions and for the clear reports that include gel images." - Svetlana Nikoulina - ChemDiv

"I am happy to say that your service was excellent. You answered all my naive questions patiently and provided exactly the service you promised for a very reasonable price." - E. J. Neafsey - Loyola University





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E-mail: .cs@mousegenotype.com

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