"I like to work with Mouse Genotype. Always reliable, always quick, great support. Thanks a lot!"------------------------------------- - Pavel Nedvetsky - University of California San Franciscoy

"Wow, that was fast! I got the results before I even got confirmation from USPS that the samples were received. Thank you for making genotyping fast and easy for more than two years!" - Laura Schaevitz - Tufts University

"We had a really difficult time genotyping our samples in house. Your services have erased this burden from us so we can concentrate on other experiments without being stressed about our genotyping. Mouse Genotype is reliable, has a remarkable turn around time, and has excellent customer service. I would DEFINITELY recommend this company to anyone" ---------------- - Carol Diallo - Thomas Jefferson University

"We are very satisfied with your service. Thanks a lot." - Joy Jiang - University of California Davis Health System

"I am very happy with all the work you have done for PsychoGenics. The speed of work has always surprised me and your prices are very competitive. Thanks for your efforts." - Daniela Brunner - PsychoGenics

"I am really pleased with the always reliable, swift, and customer friendly service from Mouse Genotype. It saves us a lot of time and resources at a very reasonable cost. I would recommend it to any lab!" - Alsya Affandi - Boston University

"You guys are doing a great job for us. The results are processed quickly after shipment, and I haven’t had any problems with experiments or breedings to suggest there are inaccuracies." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Benjamin Bivona - Louisiana State University Health Science Center

"You guys are awesome! I am really grateful for your help. You have a very quick turn around and you accommodate our needs as much as possible, and we truly appreciate that. I have nothing but good things to say about Mouse Genotype." ------------------- - Roxana Mesias - Mount Sinai School of Medicine






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