Here is a listing of companies that offer Southern blotting services. Mouse Genotype is not affiliated with, or guarantees the services provided by, the companies listed here.


TransViragen offers a full suite of custom rodent model generation services, including transgenic and gene-targeted models. They also offer related services such as PCR and Southern blot allele validation, expression testing and molecular phenotyping.

Lofstrand Labs Limited offers many different research support services, including custom Southern blotting. Their Southern blotting service includes restriction enzyme digestion, electrophoresis, transfer and UV linking to a membrane, probe labeling and hybridization.

Taconic Farms also offers Southern blotting services. They require a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 5, control samples to validate the Southern blot assay prior to processing unknown samples.

Clongen also offers Southern blotting services.





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